Club Info

Master Ducks Swim Club

Our club has three main areas: Masters Swimming, Triathlon and Special Olympics. The Masters Swimming Program include Advanced Skills Development, Fitness, and Competitive. The Triathlon Program is for adults and offers both swim training and additional indoor cycling training. The Special Olympic Program is called Special Ducks and caters special needs athletes. These programs are designed to develop interest and participation in swimming. Swimmers are provided with a program to match their abilities and ambitions. They move up at their own rate.

Physical development, proper conditioning and good health habits are encouraged. An atmosphere is created in which the desire for self-improvement and goal achievement motivates the individual to develop their natural abilities and to help others do likewise. This surrounded by an enjoyable atmosphere.



Promote FITNESS through swimming.
Prepare athletes for COMPETITION.
Establish GOALS to motivate athletes.
Encourage FUN in the process


Master Ducks charges swimmers based on the number of swims you plan on swimming for the season. We run much like an age group club in that we ask that you commit to certain practices and stick to those as your regular regimen. This helps the coaches get to know you and your goals, and thus be able to help further your swimming skills more effectively. It also allows for you the swimmer, to get to know your lane-mates while bringing some consistency to your practices, as well as push and encourage each other as you get to know them. ALL of our practices are fully coached by at least 1-2 coaches, sometimes more.  There are NO white-board practices at Master Ducks.  We pride ourselves on our excellent coaching staff who will help you meet your swimming goals whether it be fitness, competitive or TRI focused.

In each practice lanes are set-up first by program (if applicable) and then by ability. You will most likely find a lane that fits your ability at any practice.